Special Event

As a sort of coda to the SMC2016 conference and S.T.R.E.A.M. festival, we have prepared a special event for our guests, which will take place on Sunday, 04.09.2016 at 16:00 and last for 3 hours (till 19:00). We will offer a hybrid experience of a sight-seeing tour, concert and party! And it will all take place on a wonderful quaint little boat, taking us along the shores of Elbe river and the harbour, with a great view of Elbphilharmonie, of course! Once an hour we will be making short stops and the entire ride will be moderated.

Our special guest will be the band Spectral Youth, led by Carla Genchi, one of our CoPeCo students. Part of the event will also be a block featuring pieces by Henning Riez, Carlos Rico, Sergio Vasquez, Alessandro Anatrini, Takuro Shibayama, Takayuki Hamano and Hidefumi Ohumura.

The ride will cost 40 Euro per person and apart from a great sight-seeing, awesome music and nice conversations with colleagues, there will be an open bar as well :)

Due to the ship’s size, we are limited to max. 50 people, so go and get your tickets!

How to get there? Simply meet us all at Landungsbrücken and take a stroll to Brücke 6-7, inner side. The map is available here.

About the boat itself:
MS Christa is a well known boat in Hamburg, with somewhat of a cult-following and a longstanding reputation as a great alternative place for concerts and events. You can see some photos of the boat here and a list of some of the bands who played there.